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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Review: AIM Pregnancy Strips

When you're TTC, you want to know ASAP if you're pregnant. There are so many kinds of pregnancy tests, ranging from a few cents each, to upwards of $30! They are either dip tests, where you pee in a cup and dip the strip, dripping the pee into a cassette, or pee on the stick tests. I personally prefer peeing on a stick because I don't need to find a cup, and wash it out afterwards.

I got 5 AIM Pregnancy Strips when I ordered Pre-Seed from Amazon. These are dip strips, and they cost $13.99 for a 5-pack on Amazon. While these are not the cheapest tests on the market, they are pretty inexpensive.

Based on my research, dip sticks are more sensitive than pee on a stick and digital tests. AIM can detect HCG as low as 20 mIU/ml. This is great if you want to test a few days before your expected period. From what I've read on other blogs, and forums, these seem pretty accurate. I definitely got the result I was expecting - BFP :(

These tests were easy to use. There a clear line of how far to dip the test, and the pink ink is easy to read. I would definitely recommend these. If you want a cheaper version, you can also use Wondfo, also available on Amazon. These are $18.99 for 50!

What are your favourite pregnancy tests?


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