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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Fertility Doctor Consultation

DH and I went for our first appointment with the fertility doctor today. We were referred to Olive Fertility by my OB/GYN. Our doctor is Dr. Gary Nakhuda.

The overall experience was interesting. The first time I visited the clinic was about two months ago, when my OB brought me down to the office to schedule a consult. When I was there the first time, it was a ghost town. But today, I saw 4 - 5 couples coming to and from their appointments. It made me feel good to see that we're not alone in our struggle, but at the same time, I also felt bad that these couples were going through a similar thing.

Our appointment was quite short, about 15 minutes. The doctor went over the basics, like what type of treatment we would need. Essentially, all of my tests came back normal, but he recommended one more test called AMH. He explained that the FSH test only shows a problem if you are infertile, but it doesn't tell you how fertile you are. Where as the AMH shows how fertile you are compare to other women my age. The test isn't covered by MSP, but it as only $147, so I went ahead and got my blood drawn. I should have the results in two weeks.

The doctor couldn't tell us much because DH hasn't seen the urologist yet, and we know the problem primarily lies with him. So until he meets with the urologist, there isn't much we can do.

We didn't get much from the appointment. I didn't lesnr anything that I hadn't already read about. Based on our situation, I figure we would need IVF with ICSI, and that is what our doctor recommended. Now we just have to see what the urologist has to say.

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