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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

First appointment with the urologist

DH met with the urologist one day after our meeting with the fertility doctor. The urologist he met with was also part of the Olive Fertility. DH was not very happy with his experience. The doctor was late, which is fine, but he only spent 10 minutes with him. After meeting with Dr. Nakhuda, our fertility doctor, we were under the impression that the urologist will ask for another semen analysis. Dr. Nakhuda said that because the first two semen analysis were done pretty close together, it was worth doing another one to see if anything has changed. Also, all of his blood test results were normal, so that was a relief. But nope, the urologist was not interested in doing another test. DH explained that he had a hydrocele when he was younger, and the surgery to drain it had some complications. Further, he is pre-diabetic, and his father had varicoceles.

The urologist examined DH's scrotum quickly, and immediately said we needed IVF. DH had to ask him multiple times what the problem was before he said that he had total testicular failure!

DH was in complete disbelief. How can the urologist diagnose total testicular failure so quickly. Based on our research, there would be symptoms of low testosterone, which DH does not have, and it's also possible to have enlarged breasts, which DH also does not have. The urologist did refer DH for a scrotum ultrasound. That is scheduled for September. 

It feels like the urologist didn't really care, and he just wanted to sell us on IVF. After I heard the news, I emailed Dr. Nakhuda about my frustrations, and his recommendation was to start IVF orientation. Not really the answer I was looking for. 

DH will now go back to our family doctor to get another referral for a second opinion. This time he will request a urologist who is not affiliated with a fertility clinic.

What has your experience been in diagnosing fertility problems? This is so frustrating!

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