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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Getting the news...

We had already gotten bad news when we received C's semen results. It was very upsetting. I completely broke down when we got home from the doctor.  All I have ever wanted was to have children and be a mother, and now that has been taken away from me. It was now a waiting game. There's nothing I can do until we see the specialists.

I had my OB/GYN appointment a few weeks ago. When C did his semen analysis, a copy of the results was also sent to my OB. My first appointment with Dr. Rosengarten was quick, there were some good things, and some not so good things.

The doctor went over my health history, and looked at C's results, and some of his family's health history.  Essentially, there is a very small chance that we can get help without assistance. Instead of continuing my care with Dr. Rosengarten, he referred me directly to the fertility clinic where they will do a complete work up.

Luckily, his office was in the same building as a well-respected fertility clinic, Olive Fertility, in Vancouver. C's urologist also happens to practice at this fertility clinic. Dr. Rosengarten personally brought me down to the clinic to make a consultation appointment.

Our appointments are 6 weeks from when I met with Dr. Rosengarten. Olive Fertility did send us a few lab requisitions to do before our appointment. I will talk about those in another post!

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