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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Review: Pre-seed

One of the problems I believe is making it more difficult for us to conceive is my lack of EWCM. After doing some research, I came across Pre-seed.

Pre-seed is a lubricant. But unlike most lubes, it is sperm friendly. It also claims to simulate your vagina's PH, and also fertile cervical mucus' consistency.

We typically don't use any lubricants, but since I was missing EWCM, I decided to give it a try. I bought my first tube from a fertility clinic in Vancouver. It was around $38. Once we finished the first tube, I searched online for a better deal, and was able to find it on Amazon for $48 for 2 boxes, plus some AIM pregnancy strips.

Each box comes with one tube of 40g Pre-seed, and 9 applicators. Pre-seed is intended for you to use internally, hence, the applicators. Each applicator has marks from 1 to 4, denoting the number of grams.

It was super easy to fill the applicator. You simply screw the applicator on to the tube's opening, and squeeze the product into the tube. One tip though, make sure you stop squeezing the tube before unscrewing the applicator.

The first few times we used Pre-seed, I used 4 grams. This was WAY TOO MUCH! While we were DTD, it was coming out, and way too slippery. We found that 1.5 - 2 grams worked for us best. How much you use is all based on personal preference. If you normally need lubrication, then you may need to use 4 grams, but if you're like us, and typically don't use any lube, then definitely account for that.

There have been a lot of success stories about using Pre-seed, but no luck for us. I will keep using it since I still have a few tubes leftover. Since it doesn't change my body internally, I figured we might as well keep using it.

Have you tried Pre-seed, or other TTC friendly lubes?

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