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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Supplements I have tried so far - For improving EWCM

Being an impatient person, I was eager to research and try supplements that may help my cycle regulate itself. In addition to having irregular cycles, I also don't have any egg white cervical mucus, so I added that symptom to my list to research.

Evening Primrose Oil
I was researching supplements that can help increase fertile cervical mucus, and EPO was something that came up again and again. EPO is derived from the seeds of the plant, and is high in essential fatty acids and vitamin E. In addition to being used for fertile cervical mucus, women also use it to ease PMS/menopausal symptoms.

EPO should only be taken from your period until ovulation. It is believed that EPO can cause uterine contractions, so women who are trying to conceive should stop taking it after ovulation.

I bought EPO from Costco. It wasn't too expensive. I took it for about three weeks when I realized that it was delaying my ovulation. I immediately stopped taking it, and I ovulated within 3 days. Needless to say, I stopped taking it. It also did not improve my cervical fluid.

I was taking this in conjunction with EPO. I took it for about 2 months, with no success. Many women swear by this supplement, and I would still recommend giving it a try.

You can purchase it from Fairhaven Health, they offer free shipping within the US, or you can purchase it from Amazon.

Flaxseed Oil

I wanted to try another supplement for increasing EWCM since I wasn't have any luck with the others. I decided to give flaxseed oil a go. A lot of women switch to flaxseed after ovulation. I was hoping to get some results, but no luck.

Although, it does seem to help DH's tennis elbow.

What have you tried to increase your EWCM?

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